Affordable smartphone and tablets are revolutionizing the way publishers are interacting with their audience. The CloudMatters team has identified key areas that should be addressed by any serious app development practice.

Integrated mobile strategy

In this age of information overload, publishers must make sure their content is discoverable and accessible anytime, anywhere. With the next billion internet users coming almost exclusively from smart mobile devices, it becomes imperative to have a mobile distribution strategy for publishers.

Continuity across devices Users are using a growing number of devices often on different platforms (Web, iOS, Android) with different screen sizes, sometimes many at the same time. According to a Google study (conducted in 2012), 90% of our media interactions are screen based and users have come to expect a ‘continuity in experience’ across their devices, enabling them to pick up a process where they left it off on another device.

Scalalibity In a dynamic world where information and content are being produced at an ever increasing rate, publishers need applications that can scale both with regards to numbers of users, as well as content quantity. The cloud computing provides both an architecture and infrastructure solutions to overcome these challenges in an efficient manner.

Measuring Engagement
Email engagement is at an historical low with users being bombarded by unwanted emails and filtering them out. On the other hand, Mobile users can be easily engaged with push notification and are twice as likely to share the content than desktop users. Unfortunately, having a mobile app and knowing users' engagement do not translate into tangible value unless a measurement based on real time analytics is integrated into the platform.