For a sneak peek on our recent project, please download our latest app ResearchPad which is designed to provide a unique reading experience for scholarly journals.

The app can be downloaded from the following links:

app store.png  Get_it_on_Google_play.svg.png 

Here is our ResearchPad's few salient features:
  • Automatic archiving methodology

  • Open access scientific journals

  • EPUB  reader

  • Cloud hosting

  • Enhanced searchability through full text search

  • Optimized user interface for:

    • Laptops

    • eBook readers

    • Tablet PCs and

    • Mobile devices of different screen sizes

  • Read issues or articles - as and when published

  • Build your own library of focused research

  • Social media integration

  • Downloadable content for offline reading

  • Sync with multiple devices

  • 'Push' notifications for relevant research terms and new articles/issues/publications