Neurology Video TextBook


Neurology Video Textbook is a native IOS ebook reader designed for the ebook Howard’s Radiology. It is the first of its kind, and has interactive audio and video for enhanced user experience. Users can hear patients describing their symptoms and can see the pathological effects and exam findings on screen, enabling them to truly appreciate and recognize classic disease presentations.


  • A novel teaching and learning tool - Enjoy the interactive demonstrations and descriptions about classical presentations.

  • Interactive experience - Explore the interactive chapters of Howard’s Radiology featuring immersive text, images, and videos.

  • Easy navigation - Create your own bookmarks, highlights, and notes anywhere in the e-Book. Rapidly jump to different sections of the book through the Table of Contents.

  • Powerful search tool - Touch and hold any word to search for it’s occurrence throughout the entire book.

  • HTML, CSS3, JS, XCode, Cocoa Touch, iOS (iPad) technologies/framework have been used to build this app

 Coming Soon in iOS.