Arcot Panchangam


Panchangam (Sanskrit word meaning five limbs, pancha + anga) is a Hindu astrological almanac based on planetary positions within the zodiac. According to the Panchangam, time has five characteristics: Vara, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana. These five characteristics are detailed for all the days of the year.

The different nuances of the zodiac signs and their impact on individuals, both good and bad, are recorded in the Panchangam. Auspicious dates suitable for weddings and other ceremonies are also determined with the help of the Panchangam.


  • Access to Panchangam details for 2013–2015 with end time for Vara, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana

  • Clear and concise daily predictions

  • Predictions for the day.

  • Auspicious and inauspicious hours for each day-Durmuhurtham, Rahu Kalam, etc

  • Muhurtham.

  • Auspicious time in day for Vehicle buying/Selling, Money Transaction, Learning, Marriage Alliance etc.

  • Remedy for the day of the week.

  • Supports iOS and Android platforms

  • JQuery, HTML5, Python, GAE, PhoneGap technologies/frameworks have been used to build this app



Release date    : February 28, 2013                                                                                                            

Version             : Panchangam V1.6