CloudMatters is a division of Newgen KnowledgeWorks focused on delivering the benefits of the open web, the mobile paradigm and cloud computing to publishers, contents providers and other enterprises.

The open web is a loose set of technologies that are based on open standards which preserve investments compared to closed systems. They include but are not limited to HTML5, CSS3, SVG, MathML and many others.

The modern mobile paradigm combined with cloud platforms (Google, AWS, Heroku) is centered around extracting maximum value by minimising the cost & effort associated with delivering content & functionality across multiple platforms and form factors (phone, phablets, mini tablets, large tablets, computer tablets). Platforms include iOS, Android and the Web principally in early 2013 but can also include Kindle, Nook and Windows Mobile.

CloudMatters also works with content owners and businesses to optimize delivery by providing multiple monetisation and packaging options. Packaging options include publishing to bookstores, native apps, hybrid and web apps. Monetizing options include business apps, paid apps, freemium, mobile advertising, subscription and in-app purchases.